Our Team

Blaine Davidson

Vice President of Sales

Terri Shimensky

VP of Procurement

Tim McNeilly

Technical Director

Dave Weber

Facility Manager – Recycling Dept.

Sales Group


Waste & Recycling

Lindsey Cloud & Matt Caraballo

Top Left to Right: Cherry Garlock & Amanda May | Bottom Left to Right: Veeta Patton & Andrea Wolbert

Customer Service

Purchasing Team

Top Left to Right: Kelly Erny & Courtney Timothy | Bottom Left to Right: Angela Kellerhall & Angel Garlock

Top Left to Right: Pam Quellhorst & Terri Shimensky | Bottom Left to Right: Kayla Kelty & Maddie Magalski

Accounting Team

Chemical Solvents Office Staff

Brian Cahill, Kathy Cahill, Rachael Walker, Erica Hudson & Tayler Stovall

Top Left to Right: Terri Shimensky, Pam Quellhorst, Maddie Magalski, Lindsey Cloud & Angela Kellerhall | Middle Left to Right: Kayla Kelty, Amanda May, Cherry Garlock, Courtney Timothy & Matt Caraballo | Bottom Left to Right: Veeta Patton, Angel Garlock, Kelly Erny & Andera Wolbert

Our Team