Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

CSI has been leading the way since 1979 in developing efficient and cost-effective programs to handle the non-hazardous waste needs of our customers.

We can design a waste minimization program to fit your needs and provide transportation of your non-hazardous waste materials in a variety of lot sizes including:

  • 16, 30 and 55-Gallon Drums
  • 1 to 5-gallon Containers
  • Roll-off Lugger Containers
  • Less-than-full Tank Trucks
  • Portable Tote Tanks
  • Bulk Tank Trucks
  • Lab Pack Containers
  • Drums of Aerosol Cans

All profiled waste materials are 100% inspected, sampled and analyzed for processing. Our computer-aided profiling system ensures optimal tracking of when, where and how your generated waste is handled and processed. Minimized waste is routed to carefully selected, qualified and permitted facilities for proper disposal.

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Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal